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My name is Shireen. Born in the USA, and raised in Lebanon. I come from a large family of artists, some are architects and writers, while others are theater directors and actors, so you can imagine where my passion comes from. I would like to tell you a little more about myself but first I must introduce you to my oldest childhood friend “Mr. A”. My first ever piece of artwork. “Mr. A” was just an ordinary alphabet letter before he came to life. My father was teaching me how to write the letter A on the Magna-Doodle sketch board. I wasn’t satisfied so I extended the legs and gave him arms and eyes transforming him into a whimsical stick figure that has since come to be known as Mr. .


At bedtime, I found myself tracing images in my mind and planning my future creations. I was so eager for the new day to start and have them finally materialize on paper, canvas, or in a sculpture. 

All the school awards and art certificates I received were accolades that helped me plan my future endeavors.

I was captivated by the world of imagination, which pushed me forward and inspired me to create. I was determined to pursue a career in the arts. Though I minored in graphic design for more practical purposes, I majored in fine arts and graduated with honors from the Lebanese American University of Beirut (LAU).

No matter where I’ve been, I’ve always made the best of my opportunities setting out to expand and grow artistically.

In Florida, I participated, trained, and honed my skills through workshops and courses, satisfying my yearn to learn through training sessions at the Crealde School of Arts. I became a docent at the Foosaner Art Museum, and also began volunteering at Locklear Gallery in Cocoa Beach.

The reason I’m attached to fine arts so much is because there is still a physical touch to the work that is almost like a fingerprint, harmoniously bridging that gap between creation and creator. I choose to stay more grounded and in sync with my favorite instruments, my hands. It starts there and evolves into the final masterpiece. I keep experimenting and exploring with as many materials as possible making collages and working in mixed media. I’ll paint or sculpt and use pen, ink, charcoal, pastel, paper, clay, wool, fabric, wood, etc. anything that I need to bring a given  creation to life. I’m inspired by the comparison of mixed-media and graphic design and how it has allowed me to marry my work with the digital and tangible world. 

I believe, each medium speaks its own language which transforms an art piece into a wondrous story.